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Crunch Time: Bhendi Bazaar’s Iranian Sweets Palace Is Selling Baklava Until The End Of The Month

Food & Drink
Open for two weeks a year around Jamshedi Navroz, the legendary store sells delicious sweets and dry fruit ...
Ashima Narain. Photo: Joel Sartore.

Mumbai Diary: Ashima Narain

Photographer and Parel resident Ashima Narain tells us about her favourite Mumbai things ...

Hindustani Hounds: ‘The Book Of Indian Dogs’ Profiles Indian Canine Breeds

The Rajapalayam, Chippiparai and Mudhol hound are among the 25 indigenous dog breeds we learn about in S. Theodore Baskaran's fascinating new book. ...
The Clearing House, Mumbai

The Paodcast: Top Tables

The Paodcast
On this episode, we discuss three terrific new restaurants ...

Just How Gripping Is ‘Trapped’?

Vikramaditya Motwane's survival drama is a riveting comment on the grind of life in Mumbai ...

Bar Review: Theory, Lower Parel

Food & Drink
The vibe, rather than the menu, is the chief attraction of this bar in Kamala Mills ...