A New Video Series Chronicles ‘Coming Out’ Stories

Earlier this week, 101india.com, a website that produces content aimed at the youth, released the first two videos of its new series called Coming Out. As the titled suggests, the videos are personal stories of how people in the LGBT spectrum revealed their sexualities to their families and friends. The latest instalment (which you can view above), published on Tuesday, March 22, follows Chanchal, a trans man visiting his family in his home town Jabalpur. Born a woman, Chanchal has always felt male. At the time the video was shot, he was in the process of getting sex reassignment surgery. The first video (which you can view below) is about Justine, a 25-year-old bisexual woman from Mumbai.

Directed by Ashish Sawhny, the stories are touching without being sentimental, showing the subjects going about their daily routines and matter-of-factly discussing what it means to be trans or bisexual. Chanchal fantasises about taking a leak while standing and Justine, who’s coping with a break-up, says a potential partner’s sex is immaterial, what matters is their personality. The most heartening moments are the surprising reactions of the pair’s parents. “The 377 law is a dinosaur law like many others,” said Cyrus Oshidar, the managing director and chief creative officer of 101india. “We wanted to look at the human side to it.” Oshidar said that the first series of Coming Out will comprise seven videos, in keeping with the LGBT symbol of the seven-coloured rainbow.

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