Beverage Battle: Keventers vs Makers of Milkshakes

Two milkshake shop chains, Keventers from Delhi and Makers of Milkshakes from Hyderabad opened in Mumbai in February and March respectively. We sipped on their sweet selections to compare their offerings in a battle of the beverages. Here are the results:

A pit stop at Keventers, a brand synonymous with milkshakes in Delhi, is something of a rite of passage for tourists in the capital keen on discovering its culinary icons. Keventers, as we know it today, is in fact a rebranded avatar of the popular old-school Delhi milk shop that floundered after the 1970s, when the dairy’s land was requisitioned.

In 2015, Keventers reopened as a hip chain with white-tiled walls and shelves stacked with retro knick-knacks such as Minolta cameras and vintage telephones. The shake shop is popular with youth who flock to it for inexpensive beverages poured into collectible black-capped milk bottles. After expanding in Delhi – they’ve set up four outposts over the last two years – the first Keventers opened in Mumbai last month. The Khar store looks the same, follows the exact takeaway format and serves the same menu as the Delhi branches.

The menu is straightforward and uncluttered, with the drinks categorised into thick and classic shakes. Our pick of the chocolate hazelnut thick shake (Rs125 for 300ml and Rs200 for 500ml bottles) proved a winning choice; it tasted like milky Nutella. The sweet and grainy Oreo shake (Rs125 for 300ml and Rs200 for 500ml bottles) was less compelling as it didn’t have enough of the biscuit.

Keventers classic shakes are the consistency of molten ice cream. Allow scoops of Vadilal or Dinshaw’s vanilla and strawberry ice creams to melt and you’ll have homemade versions of Keventers vanilla and strawberry flavoured classic shakes (Rs99 for 300ml and Rs150 for 500ml). The appeal of these two was in the familiarity of the flavour. But the mango shake (Rs99 for 300ml and Rs150 for 500ml), blended with fruit pulp, does little justice to the richness of our favourite seasonal crop.

Trendy branding coupled with nostalgia is drawing crowds to Keventers. Their smooth and consistently uniform milkshakes, while easy on the pocket, are no match for the inventive freak shakes pumped with gourmet ingredients at cafes such as Three Chicks and a Bear and D:Oh in Lower Parel.

Get: Chocolate hazelnut shake (Rs125 for 300ml and Rs200 for 500ml bottles); and vanilla shake (Rs99 for 300ml and Rs150 for 500ml).

Skip: Mango shake (Rs99 for 300ml and Rs150 for 500ml); chocolate Oreo shake (Rs125 for 300ml and Rs200 for 500ml bottles).

Prices exclude taxes. There is no service charge. 

Keventers, Ground Floor, Gagangiri Apartments, next to Cafe Coffee Day, off Carter Road, Khar (West). Tel: 77109 25995. Open daily, from 11am to 11pm. Get directions here.

Makers of Milkshakes
The name of this three-year-old old chain of shake shops from Hyderabad suggests that there is a special force tasked with the preparation of their drinks. With close to 40 beverages, Makers of Milkshakes offers over double the amount of drinks peddled at Keventers. The recipes are also relatively more complex than Keventers’s standardised milk, ice cream and syrup combos.

Like baristas committed to their craft, the makers at this shop are fairly knowledgeable about the product and make an effort to understand your palate before recommending drinks. The milkshakes here are uniformly indulgent, blended with local and imported cookies and chocolate in addition to milk and ice cream.

They make an Oreo shake called the Choco-a-list (Rs160), a signature concoction loaded with the biscuit and chocolate sauce, which is thick as opposed to grainy and far richer than Keventers’s Oreo equivalent. Our favourite from our order of five shakes was the strawberry flake shake (Rs160), deceptively listed under ‘healthy shakes’. Sipping it was like drinking liquid strawberries and cream textured with corn flakes. It’s delicious and will appeal to kids and adults alike, but is far too sweet to qualify as healthy.

The strawberry shake tied with the Bounty shake (Rs160) made using the coconut-flavoured chocolate bar. Ultimately your experience here is contingent on which cookie and chocolate you like best. Galaxy chocolate and Hide & Seek biscuits are among our favourites but the shake versions of these alas (priced at Rs160 and Rs130 respectively) were cloying.

Makers of Milkshakes offers seating for about ten people in their narrow store in blue and white that’s more clinical-looking than Keventers. It’s not a bad idea to sit down while treating yourself to one of their shakes as the drinks are the kind of sugar overload that will have you slowing down instead of bouncing around.

Get: Strawberry flake shake (Rs160); Choco-a-list (Rs160); Bounty shake (Rs160).

Skip: Galaxy shake (Rs160); Hide & Seek shake (Rs130).

Prices include taxes. There is no service charge.  

Makers of Milkshakes, Shop No.5, Jan Mohammed Cottage, near Burrito Factory and HSBC, Pali Naka, Bandra (West). Tel: 98194 70933. Open daily, from 11am to 1am. Get directions here.

These reviews was conducted anonymously. It is our policy to wait a week after an establishment has opened before we review it.


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