Dessert Duel: The Sassy Teaspoon vs English Vinglish

The sweet of tooth in Juhu have two new spots to get their fix of sugar, English Vinglish, which opened in mid-April and The Sassy Teaspoon, which was launched in the first week of May. The takeaway outlets also offer a limited selection of breads, bakes and beverages but because their focus is desserts, for this review we tried the pastries.

TheSassyTeaspoon2MAINThe Sassy Teaspoon
On Sunday, May 1, the folks behind The Sassy Spoon chain of European restaurants opened The Sassy Teaspoon, their first stand-alone patisserie and bakery outlet in Juhu. Like its competitors Le15 Patisserie and La Folie Lab, The Sassy Teaspoon has been inspired by French patisseries. The takeaway store is decked in pastry-coloured pink and cream walls and tiles marbled like the brownies on their extensive dessert menu. It has a two-table set-up and a refrigerated vitrine that enables ogling at their pretty (and rather affordable) confections. The menu has desserts from The Sassy Spoon as well as new additions, and milkshakes, ice creams, whole cakes and breads.

Lemon meringue tart
This CD-sized tart, blanketed with meringue, prompts greed at first sight. Eating it is another matter. The dessert is both acutely tart and sugary and this combination makes it seem never-ending. Rs110. 
Verdict: Skip.

Spiked tart
A boozy dessert is rarely a miss as proven by the patisserie’s spiked smooth chocolate tart that makes you feel as though you’re eating rather than drinking whisky. The potent confection contains what seems like a large peg of the spirit, which probably explains why we got unusually loquacious after about three spoonfuls. Rs110. 
Verdict: Get.

Mango Dome
Mango desserts have to meet high standards as the luscious fruit deserves a fitting showcase. Unfortunately, the excessively creamy Mango Dome, which tastes more like vanilla than the passion fruit or mango that are supposedly in the mango-coloured mound, does not do justice by the King. Rs200.
Verdict: Skip.

Chocolate and caramel profiterole
Almost the size of a cue ball, this frozen, hard-as-a-kachori choux pastry crowned with chocolate cream requires a bit of hammering with the spoon before it cracks to reveal a delicious Alpenliebe-like toffee centre. The caramel core is worth the muscle exerted on the dessert, which would fare better at room temperature rather than straight out of a frosty vitrine, which mars the taste and texture of a number of their desserts. Rs100.
Verdict: Skip.

Raspberry chocolate mousse
Reminiscent of Yauatcha’s Raspberry Delice, this dessert is essentially an ice cream bar-shaped block of rich chocolate mousse covered in a film of glistening sour raspberry puree, which breaks the monotony of the sweet mousse. Rs150. 
Verdict: Get.

It is our policy to wait at least a week after an establishment has opened before we review it.

Prices include taxes. This review was conducted anonymously.

The Sassy Teaspoon, Ground Floor, Sagarika Building, opposite Ramada Plaza Palm Grove Hotel, near Juhu Beach, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu. Tel: 022 2616 4455. Open daily, from 11am to 10pm. Get directions here

Amrakhand cheesecake.

English Vinglish’s amrakhand cheesecake.

English Vinglish
Traditional Indian desserts have not been spared the recent modification of Indian food  at a slew of new restaurants where the gulab jamun and rasgulla are as rampantly bastardised as pao bhaji. You can get a taste of some of these at English Vinglish, Juhu’s two week-old patisserie, which specialises in fusion desserts, some of which actually work. The venture, a takeaway store, is run by the Dakalia family that owns Shree Gangour Sweets, a popular sweet mart chain and chaat centre that’s over two decades old and shares a wall with English Vinglish. TV chef Ranveer Brar is the menu consultant and the face of the Dakalias’ new enterprise. In addition to well-priced desserts such as pastries, chocolates and baklava, the store sells cookies, breads, muffins and lavash.

Amrakhand cheesecake
Mango shrikhand whipped into a cheesecake is a grand idea. The yoghurt in the amrakhand lends a hint of tartness to the creamy cardamom-spiked cake that is among the few here that are judiciously sweet. Rs130.
Verdict: Get.

Sweet potato and gulab jamun cheesecake
Halved mini gulab jamuns are embedded in this milky white cake that is dense in texture and contains what tastes like the daily sugar quota of two adults. Rs140.
Verdict: Skip.

Angoori rasmalai and passion fruit terrine
Sweet and sour are masterfully juxtaposed in this chocolate and passion fruit terrine. The rasgullas lodged in the dessert add spongy texture, but not much flavour to the confection. Rs130.
Verdict: Get.

Kopra pakh and milk chocolate mille-feuille
Simply put, this is a Bounty chocolate stuffed into puff pastry. Sadly the pastry was rendered thick and soggy thanks to their freezing vitrine. Rs140.
Verdict: Skip.

From their selection of the Turkish treat, we tried the hazelnut; pistachio; and honey, mixed nuts and orange blossom baklava. Each has a higher ratio of nut stuffing to sticky filo. The crunchy and somewhat more distinct pista and hazelnut variants are tastier than the mixed nut baklava, which is overwhelmingly syrupy and reeks of ghee. Rs230 per 100 grams.
Verdict: Get.

It is our policy to wait at least a week after an establishment has opened before we review it.

Prices include taxes. This review was conducted anonymously.

English Vinglish, Shop No.13, Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre, near Shree Gangour Sweets, Gulmohar Cross Road 9, Juhu. Tel: 022 2671 2660. Open daily, from 10am to 10pm. Get directions here

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