Get A Taste Of Our New Podcast, The Paodcast

We’ve got some end-of-the-year cheer! The Daily Pao is launching a new podcast. We’ve tied up with IndusVox Media, the folks behind the popular series Cyrus Says and Maed In India, to present The Paodcast. Hosted by founders Purva, Pronoti and Amit, The Paodcast will run every fortnight and feature three segments: Bombay Binge, made up of food reviews and news; The Scene, in which we will discuss indie film, music, literature and the like; and Secret City, in which we will give you the low-down on neighbourhood gems. Listen to episode ‘zero’, a sneak peek of sorts, to hear us talk about something that actually took us out of the city, the recently-held NH7 Weekender music festival in Pune. And look out for episode one, which will be released very shortly. As for our other podcast, in which we tracked our journey as three journalists turned entrepreneurs, it will be back but as and when we’ve got something significant to report.

The music you hear on the podcast is from ‘Who Would Have Thought’ by Your Chin. Stream it here.

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