Goodbye From The Daily Pao

MumbaiThe Daily Pao will cease publication at the end of this week. We launched in February 2015 as three journalists turned entrepreneurs and as we admitted in our first podcast, we were figuring out how to run a business as we went along. Were we successful entrepreneurs? That’s debatable and to be completely honest, the answer would probably be no. Did we produce a site we’re proud of? That’s a resounding yes. We’ve lost count of the number of people who tell us they swear by our reviews, who plan their lives around our events guides and who are fans of our now-weekly podcast The Paodcast.

Running the site has been challenging in the face of limited resources and a crowded media industry. This is a particularly critical time for digital publications as sites struggle to attract advertisers. We’re well aware that ours is not an unusual story.

As a result of the freelance work we’ve each recently taken up, the amount of attention we can give our site has reduced. We felt it was best to close in order not to compromise the quality for which we’re known.

We will remember The Daily Pao as three years of struggle and joy like we’ve never experienced before. It’s been a labour of love for our city of Mumbai and we’d do it all over again, but make sure we have a business brain by our side.

The good news is: we will still be around! We will be publishing food and culture news on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and will continue to produce The Paodcast. Follow us to be up to date on events taking place in the city, restaurant openings and more.

Thanks for reading,

The Daily Pao


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  • This is disheartening to hear. Your tracking of the New Restaurant Launches in Mumbai is unlike any other publishing and review site.

    Would love to connect with the individual aggregators for the same.

  • Wow…this is sad news indeed. The Daily Pao was such a great (and needed) resource for folks living in this city. I loved that it was well-written, concise and freed from the clutter that exists in social media portals.

    Nevertheless, thank you so much for your dedication! I can only imagine the effort it took to maintain the site. A sincere congratulations on your new ventures!

  • Oh no! You’re site was pretty much my first point-of-reference for planning a night out or trying out a new restaurant.

  • I offer to help manage the finances and money related decisions if it will coax you not to shut this site down. Please!

  • You shall be missed! Please keep the site up, if only as an archive.

  • That’s very sad news! We would have loved to contribute resources for such an entertaining, honest and social venture. But thank you for guiding us at every step for the last three years. You are the second one to close shop, and that’s just sad but everyone has a mortgage to pay.

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