Haversack? Have 11: Beautiful Backpacks Worth Buying

Thanks to the country’s growing tribe of boutique bag designers, the backpack has evolved from a school-time necessity to a popular accessory favoured by fashion-forward grown-ups. Local indie labels are churning out stylish options crafted with leather and sustainable fabrics such as canvas, burlap and pleather. We’ve rounded up 11 all-season backpacks suitable for toting laptops, carrying to music festivals and daily use.

Cord Essential handwoven fabric and leather backpack in grey and white, Rs5,800. Get it here and here.

Kassa Kassa Dab leather backpack and sling, Rs7,700. Get it here.

Love To Bag
Love To Bag Black Theia ‘bagpack’ hand-embroidered with Japanese glass beads and with leather trims, Rs7,500. Get it here.

Nappa Dori
Nappa Dori Magnetic Fields limited-edition canvas backpack with leather detailing, Rs3,600. Get it here.

Nicobar Mukayu canvas backpack in indigo with leather straps, Rs3,800. Get it here.

October Jaipur
October Jaipur Tie-dye canvas backpack in grey, Rs4,500. Get it here.

Perse by Stuffcool Femma faux leather backpack for laptops and tablets, Rs2,999. Get it here and here.

Poem Red Nectar leather backpack, Rs14,800. Get it here.

The Burlap People
The Burlap People Vintage washed burlap backpack, Rs4,200. To place an order, email [email protected].

Travail by Stuffcool Water-resistant canvas backpack for laptops, Rs3,999. Get it here.

Twenty Seven
Twenty Seven Weekender green polyester bag, Rs2,200. Get it here and here.

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