Introducing The Daily Pao

What happens when three journalists decide to turn entrepreneurs? You’ll find out when you listen to the podcast above, the first in a series that traces The Daily Pao founders’ journey into the big bad world of business.

The story begins in November 2014 when Mumbai Boss, a popular city site where the three of us worked, shut down. Instead of doing the sensible thing by getting jobs we decided to start a site of our own. With the closing of Time Out Mumbai magazine and Mumbai Boss last year, the city lacked a resource for quality writing about culture, food and shopping. As journalists who had worked at both the aforementioned publications, we figured we were among the people most qualified to fill this gap – except none of us has a business background or, for that matter, a trust fund in which to dip our fingers.

So how has it all panned out? Over the past few months, we’ve spent considerable time making tables on Excel, learning a whole new lexicon of words and phrases such as ‘valuation’, ‘scale’ and ‘skin in the game’, and showcasing our bewilderment at meetings with potential investors. Why a podcast? After hearing American journalist Alex Blumberg’s series StartUp, through which he documents his adventures in Entrepreneurland, we were encouraged to start our own version, on which we’ll talk about our experience of building The Daily Pao, the business.

You could say we’re putting our ignorance on record, but like Blumberg we believe it holds value for anybody who is in a similar position as ours. On the first podcast, you can listen to the three of us introduce the site. In subsequent episodes, you’ll meet the people we approached for advice and money. We’re not experienced RJs so we apologise if we sound like a bunch of amateur actors reading from scripts at an audition. After all, we’ve just taken on new roles.

The music you hear in the podcast is from the track “Run Along Little One” by Your Chin. Stream it here. Thanks to Nimisha Sirohi for editing the podcast.

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