Pick This Up: Dolcemi Makes Mumbai’s Best Tiramisu

Tiramisu is common to most restaurant menus. The city’s best tiramisu, however, is put together by Dolcemi, a month-old dessert catering service in Bandra specialising in Italian confections. Dolcemi is run by the duo of Mirella Fiore, a jewellery designer from Padua in Italy now based in Mumbai, and city-residing entrepreneur and fellow food lover Kaveer Shahani.

Dolcemi’s tiramisu ticks all the boxes to merit the title of Mumbai’s best tiramisu. Firstly, their claim of authenticity is indisputable. Fiore has inherited her baking chops and recipes from her two grandmothers living in Padua and Sicily. When she moved to Mumbai two months ago, she brought along this collection of recipes. Her first-rate classic tiramisu (Rs150 for 100ml) strikes the perfect balance between moist coffee-soaked ladyfingers, rum, mascarpone and sugar. She is restrained with sugar to delicious effect. The tiramisu, which is dusted with dark cocoa powder, is more bitter than sweet and as potent as a double espresso shot. The classic is one of four types Dolcemi caters and is our favourite.

The pineapple tiramisu (Rs150 for 100ml) is an old-school assembly of sweet mascarpone and diced pineapple. Unlike the classic, designed for adults, this is kid-friendly, creamy, sweet and free of booze. The pista (Rs175 for 100ml), stippled with crushed nuts, is the heaviest, sweetest and most forgettable of the lot. It tastes like a lavish mithai enriched with rum-infused ladyfingers. The amaretto tiramisu (Rs175 for 100ml) is boozy enough to work as a digestif. As a result, the dessert lavished with the Italian almond-flavoured liqueur is bracing.

Dolcemi has introduced us to lesser-known treats such as semifreddo and chocolate salami that are executed with equal finesse. Their semifreddo (Rs120 for 100ml), a class of frozen desserts that is a cross between mousse and ice cream, will appeal to coffee lovers. You won’t miss your cappuccino on a day you consume the lush, creamy, caffeine-spiked confection that will also win over those indifferent to the beverage. The chocolate salami (Rs500 for 500grams) is a thick wheel of semi-frozen dark chocolate studded with chipped biscotti for crunch. It works better as a small tea time treat, but falls short as a meal ender as it feels monotonous after a few bites.

Fiore makes an exemplary caramel custard, which rivals the one at Britannia & Co., our other favourite. Served in the shape of a square, the custard is the optimum amount of sweet, comforting and light. Skip the cloying panna cotta with dark chocolate ganache and almond crumble (Rs150 for 100ml). On the other hand, individual portions of the sweet and creamy gelato textured with chocolate drops and biscotti (Rs120 for 100ml) are an ideal fit for a dessert banquet at a kiddie party.

However, our picks from Dolcemi’s robust selection of desserts are the ones suited for the 25 and above crowd such as the classic tiramisu, coffee semifreddo and baba al rum (Rs65 for a small, Rs100 for a medium and Rs125 for a large portion), a heady and airy sponge cake steeped in what feels like two large pours of rum.

Prices exclude taxes. There is a minimum order of Rs1,000. Orders must be placed a day in advance by noon. Call 90290 17000 or email info@dolcemi.in. The takeaway address in Bandra will be provided once an order has been placed. 

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