Take A Shelfie: Mojo Bars

Mojo barsEDITTake A Shelfie is a new series of posts in which we highlight supermarket products we think are worth picking up.

A few months ago we came across a video titled how ‘Mumbai got its Mojo back!’. Sufficiently intrigued, we clicked on the clip to find that the video is a two-minute ad, and that the Mojo in question is a new line of “deliciously healthy snacks” called Mojo Bars. Considering that the main source of energy in energy bars is sugar, a dietary component we get plenty of anyway, we’re not sure how healthy Mojo Bars are despite what the FAQ section on the product site says. However, they are indeed quite delicious.

Made by Vile Parle-based company Pure Snacks Pvt Ltd, Mojo bars come in three flavours: chocolate almond + protein; yoghurt berry + anti-oxidants; and nutty apricot + fibre. They’re named so perhaps because the second ingredient in each is presumably the benefit you receive from eating the first. Mixed cereals such as rolled oats, soy nuggets and rice crisps and mixed nuts like almonds and peanuts, ingredients common to all the bars, provide plenty of crunch and also ensure that the snacks aren’t too sweet. They’re also sufficiently chewy. The bars are particularly handy during long road trips when there are long gaps between food stops. If we had to pick favourites, we’d choose the chocolate almond, an addictive combination of dark cocoa and nuts.

Mojo Bars priced at Rs40 each are available at grocery and supermarket stores in Andheri, Bandra, Nepean Sea Road and Walkeshwar and online via Amazon and Local Banya. For a complete list of stores, see here.

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