The Daily Pao Podcast: The Journey So Far

Here it is at last, the third instalment of The Daily Pao podcast in which we talk about our entrepreneurial journey. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been asked about our next podcast. It has been four months since our last episode. Frankly we don’t have a good enough answer for why we took so long. It was a combination of a number of factors, from getting the right recording equipment to making time out of busy schedules.

In this episode, we, the three founders of The Daily Pao, discuss our experience of running the site so far. You’ll hear us talk about the challenges we’re facing and the small successes we’ve enjoyed.

The music you hear in the podcast is from the track ‘Run Along Little One’ by Your Chin. Stream it here. Thanks to voice-over artist Nimisha Sirohi for editing the podcast.

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