The Paodcast: The City’s Best Chicken Ghee Roasts

In this episode of our podcast The Paodcast, we talk about versions of Mangalorean speciality chicken ghee roast served at eight Mumbai restaurants: Doolally Taproom, The Bombay Canteen, Bombay Vintage, The Pantry, Apoorva, Mahesh Lunch Home, Tiffinbox Etc. and Mangoes. This is the first episode of the new format of The Paodcast, which will now be a weekly podcast of approximately 20 minutes. Each episode will focus on food (Bombay Binge), culture (The Scene) or city news and history (Metro Station).

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The music you hear on the podcast is from ‘Who Would Have Thought’ by Your Chin. Stream it here.

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  • Absolutely loved listening to this one. I am looking forward to relishing Ghee Roast at Dolally and Bombay Vintage!!!

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