The Snack-Off: The Nibble Box vs Snackosaur

About 80 per cent of the advice dealt to us by the many nutritionists and dieticians we’ve consulted through adulthood has been focused on the debatable topic of what to eat in between meals. Snackosaur and The Nibble Box are two new online snack subscription services that are attempting to be arbiters on the matter through their range of home-delivered, healthy sweet and savoury nibbles. We rated their sample boxes on parameters like variety, taste and subscription models. Here’s our verdict:

Dried fruits.

Dried fruits mix.

Coincidentally our Snackosaur trial carton contained just the type of snacks – they typically pack five to a box but ours had six – we load up on during supermarket sprees. The carton contained an equal number of sweet and savoury bites both of which were skewed towards health food. But they didn’t lack in taste. We raced through the crunchy Multigrain Medley, a sort of low-calorie chakhna of split moong, whole moong, pearl millet, pink lentils, chickpea and watermelon seeds seasoned with the right amount of pepper and salt. Among the other savoury offerings, the wasabi moong beans, which were tossed in palm oil and didn’t have too pungent a kick of wasabi, were quite addictive, as were the dry roasted barbecue edamame beans. Of their three sweet items, our favourite was the childhood-invoking pineapple, papaya, and mango dried fruit mix. The parcel also contained an oats, prunes and almond-studded Booster Bar made by our favourite brownie purveyors, the Fort-based Sleight Of Hand. However it was unforgivably dry, much like the Snackosaur whole wheat cookies.

How it works: Snackosaur’s sample box is typically delivered between two and five days after placing an order. Subscribers receive a box every fortnight. While they send full-size servings (150 grams) of their savoury items, and provide a nutritional break-up for each snack, they don’t specify how much to consume per sitting. The snacks didn’t last us two weeks. If you don’t want to leave the selection to them, you can pick items from their growing list (they currently stock about ten items) of treats, the majority of which are made in-house. A sample box is priced at Rs299, and a monthly subscription that amounts to two boxes a month, at Rs598, which is how much we’ve ended up paying for similar but fewer snacks in a single market visit. Subscribe here.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies.

The Nibble Box website lists an exciting range of snacks. They claim to have a rotating menu of close to 100 items, but our sample box of four snacks had three sweet treats with too many overlapping ingredients and one savoury trail mix. This could have been an oversight or a lazy packing job, but the lack of variety swayed our verdict in favour of Snackosaur. Like the latter, The Nibble Box deals in nutritional nibbles that are free of artificial sweeteners and flavours, and instead loaded with figs, fruit, nuts, seeds and oats. We loved their healthy Jamaican Jukebox trail mix packed with pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and chana all of which were dusted with a mild Jamaican spice seasoning that was commendably low on salt. The Pumpkin Barkbay, a sweet trail mix, which combines raisins, dried cranberries, dark chocolate coated sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds, is handy for people who suffer from frequent dessert cravings. We felt cavities coming on while eating their Captain Currants, an overly sweet granola bar crammed with dried red and black cranberries, green and black raisins, black currants, dates and oats. The chewy granola was unnecessarily sweetened with honey. Cranberries also featured in the deceptively named Choco Chip Breakfast Cookie, which was more of a drab sorghum flour ladoo than a cookie.

How it works: The Nibble Box sampler is priced at Rs275 and is delivered within three days. The monthly subscription, which gets you a box a week, is priced at Rs999. The average portion is 60 grams per snack, which lasted us over a week because of the monotonously sweet selection packed in our box. Thankfully, they decide which four snacks to put in a box after subscribers record their preferences. Subscribe here.

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